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Commercial Kitchen Extraction Systems from Extraction Canopy

Extraction Canopy is a UK based company situated in the Cambridgeshire town of Peterborough. We have established ourselves as a leading supplier of Kitchen Extraction Systems

All of our products and services are offered nationwide throughout the UK. Our company has had previous experience in the supply of catering equipment, though 2002 has seen us concentrate solely on offering Commercial Kitchen Extraction Systems, with canopies available at both the lowest possible prices and the highest quality. Our canopies are made with 304/430 Grade Stainless Steel and include –Washable Baffle Filters, Grease collection draws, 50 mm condense channel and are constructed in accordance with DW172 guidelines.



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Air Replacement System


Gas Interlock





Odour Control



Replacement Filters


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Commercial Extractor Fans from Extraction Canopy Ltd 

Commercial extractor fans are necessary for the safety of your kitchen and comfort of your staff and customers. Kitchen ventilation is a crucial part of your commercial kitchen design – as integral as designing your cooking or refrigeration equipment. Commercial extractor fans are not simply a way to improve your working environment, they are a necessity. New kitchens that don't have adequate ventilation in their design risk being rejected by their local planning authority. As well as compliance to health and safety regulations, if commercial extractor fans are not effectively maintained and cleaned and your kitchen experiences a fire, your insurance company will contest any claim you make. One of the most common triggers of commercial kitchen fires is grease-filled air that can result in sudden combustion. Kitchens that do a lot of frying are particularly vulnerable, as is wok cooking where flames and flare ups are integral to the style of cooking. Routine maintenance of commercial extractor fans is therefore crucial – with professional cleaning services recommended. If you consider commercial extractor fans remove and collate grease and sit above your stove – neglecting to clean and maintain your kitchen ventilation system make them the number one fire hazard in your kitchen.

Commercial Extractor Fans from the Experts

Commercial extractor fans serve a number of functions in your kitchen – the Health & Safety Executive has concerns about carbon monoxide and other potentially poisonous gases that result from combustion of gas. Carbon monoxide can be lethal, and in busy kitchens the effects of drowsiness the gas creates is a risk that has to be taken seriously. Poor kitchen extraction is also considered to be responsible for particles released during cooking that could trigger respiratory illnesses. Commercial extractor fans should be regularly checked, cleaned and maintained to ensure they are working at their optimum.

Kitchen Ventilation – Specialist Advice

Whether you are designing a new kitchen, revamping an old one or up-dating old commercial kitchen equipment, it's crucial you check the ventilation system meets the current requirements and best practice outlined by The British Standard and the Health & Safety Executive. For a great kitchen, a safe and a comfortable environment, you need to invest in efficient, effective commercial extractor fans. Well-designed commercial kitchen hoods and commercial extractor fans will last for years. If you are seeking advice about your kitchen ventilation or are interested in any of the commercial extractor fans and products we specialise in, give us a call on 0845 521 0257. We’ll be happy to talk you through our services and give you the help and advice you need.