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What We Offer


We offer bespoke kitchen ventilation systems delivered in just five days, and with a range of different canopies in all shapes and sizes, you’re sure to find an extraction solution to suit you.

Extraction Canopies Measure
Our standard extraction canopies come in depths of 1000mm, 1200mm and 1500mm – the greater the depth, the more kitchen equipment it can cope with, with a canopy 1500mm deep able to filter air from gas, electric and combination or steaming ovens. A ductless recirculating extraction canopy will filter contaminated air and return it to the kitchen environment without reducing the air temperature, whilst ventilation systems with both internal and external fans are also available for commercial kitchens which need cooling. Island canopies can also be installed to cover large areas of your kitchen.

All commercial kitchen ventilation systems from Extraction Canopy are made from .9mm stainless steel and come with drip trays, condensation rails and aluminium baffle filters. Optional extras include both fixed and disposable mesh filters, surface-mounted lights, recessed incandescent or fluorescent lights, and more.

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Standard Features

Manufactured from .9mm stainless steel
Fully welded construction
Drip trays and condensation rail
Alluminium baffle filters


Alluminium mesh filters
Air supply through front of canopy
Drip trays and condensation rail
Surface mounted lights
Disposable mesh filters
Recessed incandescent or flourescent lights

All canopies are bespoke and manufactured to suit the location, customer requirements
and the cooking equipment that will fit beneath them.

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