Odour Control Systems


Extraction Canopy offer a number of methods of odour control for commercial kitchens:

Carbon filter permanent suspension ventilation module

A carbon filter permanent suspension ventilation module can be fitted which will cause any contaminated air entering or exiting your commercial kitchen to pass through a carbon filter, which will absorb the majority of chemical molecules in the airstream. The unique carbon bonding methods used by Extraction Canopy in the construction of these systems ensures no dust or other byproducts (often a side-effect of using lower-quality ventilation systems) will be left behind from the extraction process.

Electrostatic precipitator (ESP)

An electrostatic precipitator (ESP) also contains a filter which removes larger particles. Once air has passed through the filter, it is vented through an ioniser, which electrically charges contaminations in the air, before passing through a final filter which spreads the airflow out into your commercial kitchen.

ON 100 Odour Neutraliser

The ON 100 Odour Neutraliser is a small device which ought to be installed in the ducting of a commercial kitchen, downstream of your extraction hood and upstream of your extractor fan. Your cooker hood will do most of the work in the removal of contaminants, with air being next drawn into the ON 100 and mixed with the neutralising chemical compound Eliminodor before being returned to the environment via the extractor fan.

UV-C Odour Control Technology

UV-C Odour Control Technology uses ultraviolet light to break down the tiny organic compounds causing the odour. Installed within your kitchen ventilation system like the ON 100, this is the most technologically advanced and environmentally friendly method of odour control.

Typical Kitchen Filteration


All metal stainless steel surfaces on your kitchen ventilation units should be cleaned using a recommended cleaning agent. Caustic, abrasive or aggressive cleaning products should be avoided, as they will scratch the surface of the steel, encouraging the growth of bacteria. Extraction Canopy recommend hiring an external cleaning company at least once a year to ensure proper standards of cleanliness are being met.

Failure to carry out the correct system checks will affect your kitchen ventilation system’s performance, which will result in a buildup of bacteria, grease and dirt, which will in turn affect the working environment in your commercial kitchen. A reduction in your ventilation system’s effectiveness may also result in your kitchen failing to meet the standards required by current health and safety legislation.

Odour Control Systems


The work done in a commercial kitchen can often result in unpleasant and sometimes harmful gases being released into the environment. A kitchen ventilation system from Extraction Canopy can help reduce such emissions, maintaining the health of your workforce and making sure your commercial kitchen remains an agreeable environment in which to work.

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