Ductless Re-Circulating Kitchen Extraction Canopies


In some cases, it may not be possible to install a commercial kitchen ventilation system which exits the building. But fear not – Extraction Canopy are able to install re-circulating kitchen canopies which filter and recycle contaminated air before returning it into the kitchen environment.

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All of our recirculating canopies are manufactured from grade 430 stainless steel and come with removable, washable stainless steel baffle filters and a fan speed control, allowing you to regulate the amount of air being filtered.

A recirculating kitchen canopy is only suitable for commercial kitchens making light to medium use of electrical catering equipment. If your commercial kitchen is unable to have a ventilation system which exits air from the building and makes use of heavy-duty catering equipment, call the number at the top of the page, send an email to info@extractioncanopy.co.uk, or fill in the enquiry form on our contact page and one of our kitchen ventilation experts may be able to help.

For more information or to get a quote, call us on:
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Send an email to info@extractioncanopy.co.uk
or fill in the enquiry form on our contact page.

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