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Merlin 2000GD Gas Pressure Proving Panel

FROM £649.00*

The Merlin 2000GD is a digital gas pressure proving panel which incorporates the
ventilation interlock, by using either a current monitor or air pressure differential switches. It is designed around unique electronic pressure measuring technology. This eliminates the problems associated with traditional “pressure switch” systems. The system provides the operative with a means of controlling the gas supply. It also ensures the gas supply cannot be turned on if there is a gas leak, or an appliance turned on, in the area being protected. To comply with BS6173/2009 the system should be used where any kitchen appliance is not fitted with a flame failure device.

BS6173:2009 states that if a commercial kitchen is being refurbished, or fitted out as new, a means of carrying out a pressure test on the gas line at start-up is required, if any of the catering equipment does not have a flame failure device fitted.

By using a single point gas pressure transducer, which can generally be fitted on the downstream port of the gas solenoid valve, the Merlin 2000GD carries out an automatic pressure test on the gas line at start-up. If there is an open end or gas leak the panel will go to “test fail”.

  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • Electronic pressure measuring makes the system very reliable
  • Single point connection ensures the gas pressure transducer has less chance of damage than old style transducers with two point connections
  • Can work with up to four fans using either air Pd switches or current monitors
  • Up to two gas detectors of various gasses can be connected
  • Additional volt free emergency shut-off buttons can be connected
  • Competitively priced
  • Comprehensive after sales service
  • Three year warranty
  • UK Manufactured