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Kitchen Extraction System Maintenance


Maintenance is a pre requisite for any pollution control system, and it is important thatthis is impressed upon the user, as a non maintained system will fail and may ultimatelycause loss of airflow or component failure within the extract system itself. It is importantthat there is full service back up provided by suppliers of pollution control equipment aswithout this back up the initial installation is pointless. Maintenance should be kept toa minimum from both a physical and fiscal point of view. Maintenance or particularlynon-maintenance of a system should be easily identifiable.

Purified Air Limited offer a full maintenance and breakdown operation throughout theUK with our own fully trained engineers. Our engineers carry a full range of spares. Wecan offer reasonably priced maintenance and breakdown cover for any system installedin the UK. We are fully aware of the importance placed on our systems and each of ourvehicles carries a full compliment of spares with further back up stock at our works. Anysystem of ours can be diagnosed, repaired or replaced within twenty four hours.

Electrostatic Precipitator Systems (ESP)

These units are modular in construction utilising one filter, ioniser and collection cell per1500 cfm of air treated. All components need to be washed regularly in hot water withdetergent to remove contaminants collected during use. The preferred method ofcarrying out maintenance is to exchange the component parts with cleaned onesenabling the dirty equipment to be returned to our works for specialist cleaning andchecking.

Passive Filter Systems

As previously stated these units require intensive maintenance, the first stage will needto be changed every three to seven days with the second stage every two to four weeks.The final stage will last between six and twelve weeks. If the pre filter stages are notchanged regularly this can result in damaging the second and third stages in a shortspace of time.

O.N.100 Odour Neutraliser

This unit needs to be topped up with chemical and all operations require checking at anagreed service cycle between three and eight weeks. It is important to note that nothingdetrimental will happen to this unit if the particulate phase maintenance is ignored,although there will be an affect on the efficiency of the odour control.

UV-C Light Systems

There are no replacement filters; all that is required is regular cleaning of the lampsnormally carried out with the regular service the primary particulate filtration and annualreplacement of the lamps.